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He must coordinate the last-minute preparation of a computer system before Y2K hits.While perfectly suited for the task, he can’t concentrate. He secretly begins to have his way with the hardware at work, creating chaos.All the actors know how to turn on the charm and director Johnnie To hits the laugh buttons, but the main aim seems to be playing on women’s fantasies about three very hot guys who are dying to drop everything and fall in love.And since there are only two women on board, there's plenty to go around.However, life with his better half has become strained because Lewis has lost sexual interest in her, choosing instead to partake in late-night rendezvous with tacky porn websites. With no watchful eye and relationship restrictions, his cyber-love increases to hardware love, his sexuality requiring not pictures of people shining on the monitor, but carefully drilled holes in the side of his computer case.

I was able to find out through google reverse images.

It now boasts “sex workers” who march into the night under the aegis of advocacy groups, health clinics, and a sympathetic police force.

For another, the sale of sex isn’t the assault on mainstream morality it once was.

Arriving in the wake of Young People F**king, Control Alt Delete is the latest in Canadian-themed looks at youth and sexuality (Jane is even played by YPF star Sonja Bennett).

Written and directed by Cameron Labine, Tyler’s brother, Control Alt Delete is a great look back into time at the paranoia of Y2K intermingled with modern looks into technological fetishism.

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