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That doesn't mean teachers aren't talking to the kids about STDs.

A new study has found that girls at same-sex schools feel greater pressure to adhere to gender norms — and were bullied if they didn’t — than those at mixed-gender schools.

Brianne Altice says in the document that she never meant any harm and encouraged the teenage boy to continue his education.

She denies an allegation that she was fired from a previous job for having inappropriate relationships with minors.

Although a York Peppermint Pattie is known for being minty and fresh, the teacher used the chocolaty treat "to show that a girl is no longer clean or valuable after she's had sex—that she's been used," parent Marie Barnard told the Not only does this kind of lesson send a sexist, shaming message to girls that their value is tied to being pure and virginal, but what also makes it troublesome is that Mississippi has one of the nation’s highest teen pregnancy rates.

He has worked in the school system for a decade, according to the district.

But making teenagers pass around an unwrapped piece of chocolate and then equating how filthy it gets to a girl who has premarital sex is definitely on the list of classroom demonstrations that shouldn’t happen.

That’s exactly what a teacher did in a sex education class in Mississippi.

“When girls are together without the presence of boys, they’re going to get an extra-strong dose of what it is to be female.” Hence, girls at the same-sex school feel more pressure to be "girly." Why those same girls might value their social competence over their academic competence Bukowski couldn’t explain.“I was quite surprised by the results,” he says.

“But do I think that these result would generalize to schools in North America? Department of Education called says, “A majority of studies supported the position that single-sex schools resulted in higher academic aspirations as evidenced by students more interested in and taking more difficult courses.”This is especially true for all-girls schools when it comes to promoting the sciences.

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