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If you have not installed Quick Books yet, and you want to use Release 5 to install, you can download the updated Quick Books program file at You can then use the License and Product numbers that are on your Quick Books 2006 box to complete the installation.After running seemingly OK for two days, QODBC is *extremely* sluggish, to the point of being unusable.Suspecting possible optimizer cache issues, I blew away the optimizer files and started the process to rebuild them via a manual call to rebuild Invoice Line.The update R6 is applicable for Quick Books Pro 2015, Quick Books Premier 2015, and Enterprise Solutions 15.0.

The fact that you are a contractor doesn’t mean that you need to use the Premier Contractor Edition.

After upgrading to R5 if you are facing slowness compared to R4.

These are the software downloads that are "pushed" out by Quick Books periodically to fix known problems in the software or to deal with other issues and concerns within Quick Books.

Here's a bit more information: There are three ways for you and your clients to install the R5 update: Quick Books 2006 is already installed: 1.

If Auto Updates is turned on: The next time you or your clients open Quick Books 2006, if you have an open internet connection that is not being used, R5 will most likely be downloaded to the system automatically. If Auto Updates is not turned on or the patch was not automatically downloaded: You can manually download the R5 update into Quick Books by following these steps: a.

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You should upgrade to Premier only if Pro is running out of steam or if there is a specific feature in Premier that you need. We have many clients who bought the Quick Books Premier version for their vertical and who don’t end up using a single Premier feature.

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